What lifetime achievement award, given by the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI), is the most prestigious honor in the field of Informatics?

The Morris F. Collen Award of Excellence. The first award was given to Dr. Collen in 1993 for his profound influence on creating a new model of healthcare payment, and introduction of computers to track health status of patients and screening for health maintenance. Dr. Collen’s work with industrialist Henry Kaiser led to the establishment of Kaiser Permanente, the first nationwide healthcare provider to feature a comprehensive prepaid health plan.

Since 1993, The Morris F. Collen Award has been given yearly to one individual (with the exception of co-recipients in 2001) who is a pioneer and represents excellence in informatics.  In 2003, it was awarded to Dr. W. Ed Hammond in recognition of  his development one of the nation’s first electronic health record systems and significant work on health care standards, including founding HL7. The National Library of Medicine produced a video tribute of Dr. Hammond’s accomplishments upon his award.

Today, after almost 60 years at Duke Dr. Hammond is still hard at work as a teacher, mentor, collaborator, consultant and worldwide speaker with the same goal he had at the beginning of his career: to promote research and education that is designed to improve human health.

For more information on the recipients of the Morris F. Collen Award of Excellence visit the AMIA website.

Since 1993, The Morris F. Collen Award has been given almost every year to one individual (with the exception of co-recipients in 2001). In 2003, it was given to Dr. W. Ed Hammond, who has been teaching and working at Duke since 1968. Having earned a B.S. and PhD in Electrical Engineering and a Post Doc from the Duke School of Medicine, Dr. Hammond has been a member of the Duke community for more than 50 years. A video tribute of his accomplishments was produced courtesy of the National Library of Medicine and can be found with all of the Collen Award recipients on the AMIA website.