West Presents at The Decision Sciences Institute 2015 Annual Conference

DSI-logoDSI 2015 conference


Decisions Sciences in the 21st Century:

Theoretical Impact and Practical Relevance

Seattle, Washington

46th Annual Meeting

November 21-24, 2015

The Decision Sciences Institute’s (DSI) 2015 Annual Conference was held on November 21st through 24th in Seattle, Washington. The theme of this year’s conference was, “Decision Sciences in the 21st Century: Theoretical Impact and Practical Relevance.” The conference encompassed over 320 sessions with 800+ abstracts, full papers, panels, and workshops. There were two main pillars of focus of discussion: (1) research and (2) education/professional development.

Vivian West, PhD, Associate Director for DCHI was Chair for a session entitled Research-Healthcare: Factors Contributing for Health Knowledge Build-up. She presented a full paper entitled “An Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods and Visualization of Results to Characterize Large Healthcare Document Collections”; authors were Vivian West, PhD (Duke), Davis Borland, PhD (UNC-CH), David West, PhD (ECU) and W. Ed Hammond, PhD (Duke). West explains that; “the research referenced in the paper is an exploratory analysis of the abilities of machine learning algorithms (namely text mining and interactive visualization) to analyze large collections of health care research documents.” Preliminary results from the analysis of 391 documents describing research in health care information visualization were presented.”