Speed Science: Forming Collaborations (October 24, 2013)



Got omics but no algorithms? Got algorithms but no omics? Why not try Speed Science!

Perhaps you’ve heard of “speed dating.” Same idea, different context. Who knows? You might get lucky!

October 24, 3:00-6:00pm

Searle Center

Many clinical and translational investigators at Duke would like to incorporate “omic” methods into their research, but lack the quantitative expertise to properly analyze the data. Many computational researchers develop advanced analytic methods, but lack high quality datasets to which to apply them. This event is aimed at bringing these investigators together.

  • Hour 1: Each participating in vitro/vivo researcher will give a 5-minute synopsis of his/her research interests, scientific questions, biospecimens, and data types to a small group of quantitative researchers.
  • Hour 2: Each participating in silico researcher will give a 5-minute synopsis of his/her research, desired data types, and analytic expertise to a small group of clinical and translational researchers.
  • Hour 3: Networking and posters over food and drink.

For more information, see http://sites.duke.edu/meetminds/

RSVP through registration by October 11th at https://redcap.dtmi.duke.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=THwVxN