September 25, 2013: Informatics Research Seminar featuring Carl Leitner, PhD (presenting from UNC-Chapel Hill)

Practical Health Workforce Informatics in Low-Resource Settings

When Sep 25, 2013

04:00 pm

05:00 pm


Health workforce and information systems are two of the six building blocks of the WHO Health System Framework. This presentation will describe various components of routine Health Workforce Information Systems (HWIS) employed in low-resource settings, as well as architectural models and relevant standards that allow the HWIS to interoperate within the larger Health Information System. It will examine, in particular, the Health Information System being deployed in Rwanda and will present key examples of the use of health worker information to analyze and improve health systems.


Dr. Leitner has been supporting the implementation and use of health workforce information systems in low-resourced settings since 1997. He is one of the main developers for iHRIS, an open-source platform of practical tools designed for the management and planning of human resources for health in low-resource settings. Dr. Leitner has worked closely with the public and clinical health informatics communities to ensure interoperability of systems and is a co-author of the Care Services Discovery profile from Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise.


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