Informatics Research Seminar: The Kiosk Project: The Laupus Library Experience

January 27 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker: Jeff Coghill, MLIS, MA
Presented from ECU

Broadcast Link: Seminar



This project began in the fall of 2011. A visit to a local chain pharmacy was made and included a stop by the “do-it-yourself” blood pressure monitoring kiosk. Visits were also made to the Joyner Library, East Carolina University (ECU), to see how that library provided remote online catalog access via a kiosk. The question was proposed whether or not there was an ability to provide health information to users by just using a kiosk that would link to good, reliable information resources. Brainstorming began regarding the possibility to install information kiosks in hospitals, pharmacies, or physician offices. Could this information be accessible at a library? The librarians and Family Medicine faculty at ECU were interested in conducting a study to determine the most effective ways to encourage patients to take more control of their overall healthcare through becoming more health literate, to find the most effective ways to deliver health information to patients, and to determine the most effective practices for integrating patient information into the overall patient encounter. The study was conducted on patients encountered in Eastern North Carolina and the impact of their encounters were assessed.


Speaker Bio

Jeff Coghill, MLIS, MA has been the Outreach Librarian and Eastern Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Librarian since July 2009 at East Carolina University (ECU). His primary focus has been geared towards the ECU library and its staff’s contributions to educating the people of Eastern North Carolina about their health care and where to get good, quality health care information. Prior to the position as Outreach Librarian at ECU, Jeff was the Electronic Resources & Collection Development Librarian at ECU from 2001 to 2009. He has been with ECU for 15 years.