Informatics Research Seminar: Sensor-Based Data Collection for Personal, Clinical, and Public Health Applications

September 7 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker: Robert Furberg, PhD, MBA
Presented from UNC-CH

Broadcast Link: Seminar




This presentation will introduce a case of studies in sensor-based data collection, drawn from RTI’s Integrating Signals and Human Response project which brings together researchers, engineers, clinicians, and informatics experts to establish novel methods for sensor-based, passive, longitudinal data collection. Health applications include the extraction of self-generated information from consumer wearable devices, distributed biometric data collection, heterogeneous data integration, and physiological signal processing.

Speaker Bio

Robert Furberg, PhD, MBA  is a senior clinical informaticist in RTI International’s Digital Health and Clinical Informatics program, where he conducts future-oriented research on technology-enabled public health interventions. He has led the design, development, and deployment, and deployment of several AHQR, CDC, and NIH-sponsored mobile health interventions to support health promotion, primary and secondary disease prevention, and treatment adherence across a variety of patient populations.