Informatics Research Seminar: Development of an HIE for Transitional Housing Residents in Charlotte, NC

November 9 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker: William Saunders, PhD, PE
Presented from UNC-C

Broadcast Link: Seminar



The Spring 2016 “Introduction to Health Informatics” class at UNC Charlotte was tasked with applying what they were learning to develop an action plan to help the Charlotte community. Given the interest in underserved populations, combined with a lot of hard work, the class developed a vision to improve the lives and health of permanent support housing residents and reduce providers/payers healthcare burden by leveraging integrated, complete, accurate, and real time healthcare information. Two interns supported this project this past summer, and two are continuing to move the project forward this semester.

Speaker Bio

Bill Saunders, PhD, MPH is a public health researcher and analytic consultant with an interest in the application of varied data sources to outcomes research studies, as well as studying the risk factors and drug utilization of diabetic and obese populations. He has a strong background in completing research projects in the academic and private sectors, beginning with his work as an Epidemiologist at Glaxo Inc. in 1992. In addition to teaching courses in the Professional Science Masters (PSM) Program in Health Informatics, he is the Program Director for the HI programs at UNC Charlotte. His current research projects are related to access to health care and the prediction of hospital readmission. Prior to coming to UNC Charlotte, his experience includes running his own analytic consulting business, as well as positions at GE Healthcare, Premier Inc., and GlaxoSmithKline.