Informatics Research Seminar: Community Health Improvement and Clinical Informatics

April 6 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker: Michelle Lyn, MBA
Presented from Duke University

 Broadcast Link: Seminar



This seminar will address the concept of a “learning health system.” A learning health system can be advanced if informatics with community engagement, the clinical delivery system, and the research enterprise are successfully integrated. The overall efficiency of medicine and the rational basis for decision making will be enhanced as the practical issues of integrating knowledge into clinical care and public health are solved. These will be the focus of the presentation.

Speaker Bio

Michelle Lyn, MBA is a founding member of the Division of Community Health and in 2008 was appointed Chief of the Division, where she holds a leadership role in the creation and expansion of a wide range of collaborative, community-engaged disease prevention and health promotion programs. She planned and directs the Division’s educational programs for trainees and faculty, and serves as a leader for the Duke University Health System for the Community Benefit Community Health Needs Assessment and Responsive Strategic Planning Process. She is also Co-Director for the newly formed Duke Center for Community and Population Health Improvement.