Schedule for Duke presenters at AMIA

The AMIA 2015 Annual Symposium is being held on November 14-18 in San Francisco, CA at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.  This year there are several presentations by Duke faculty. You can find the schedule below with times, topics, and locations of each presentation.


November 14, 2015

8:30am-12:00pm Biomedical and Health     Informatics Curricula:       Development of                 Recommendations for       Evaluation Courses Catherine K. Craven; Eric Eisenstein; Saif Khairat; Farah Magrabi; Charlene Weir WG01 Yosemite A



November 15, 2015


8:30am-12:00pm Innovation in Standards & Standards Development: Advances in Standards           Methodologies &               Implementation Charles Jaffe; Douglas B. Fridsma; Stan Huff;       Christopher G. Chute; John D. Halamka; William E.   Hammond T07 Continental 1/2
3:30pm-5:00pm AMIA members’ “vital signs”: what the HIT implementation listserv says about goals for AMIA and for medical     informatics Kourosh Ravvaz; Craig Kuziemsky; Ross Koppel; Bonnie Kaplan; Samantha Adams; Martha B. Adams S07 Yosemite C

November 16, 2015

8:30am-10:00am Using PopMedNet to Support a Multi-Site Research       Network: Lessons from PCORnet Jessica Malenfant; Jessica L. Sturtevant; Laura G. Qualls; Kyle Erickson; Lesley H. Curtis; Jeffrey Brown S18 Imperial A
10:30am-12:00pm PCORnet Implementation of PopMedNet Data   Characterization Tool Jessica L. Sturtevant; Jessica Malenfant; Melanie Davies; Jose Rodrigues; Laura G. Qualls;   Lesley H. Curtis; Jeffrey Brown S29 Continental 7/8/9
1:45pm-3:15pm Are Meaningful Use         Requirements Really     Meaningful for Medication Use? Experiences from the Field and Future               Opportunities Sarah P. Slight; Eta S. Berner; William Galanter; Stanley M. Huff; Bruce L. Lambert; Carole Lannon; Christoph U. Lehmann; Brian J. McCourt; Michael McNamara; Nir Menachemi; Thomas Payne; Stephen A Spooner; Gordon Schiff; Tracy Y. Wang; Ayse Akincigil; Stephen Cystal; Stephen P. Fortmann;     Meredith L Vandermeer; David W. Bates S41 Plaza B