Richesson Text Receives Record Number of Downloads

Clinical Research Informatics, authored by Rachel Richesson, PhD and James E. Andrews, PhD has been recognized by the publisher (Springer) for garnering a record number of chapter downloads since its publication online in February 2012. This achievement led to a ranking in the top 25% most-downloaded text in Springer’s eBook collection for 2012. The book’s print text sales also are doing well; at the request of the editors, royalties totaling roughly $650 were donated to support research and patient education programs for the Primary Cilia Dyskineshia Foundation, a rare disease patient advocacy organization whose leaders and members are inspirational and engaged in national discussions to transform research in the U.S.

In a recent letter to colleagues associated with the text, Dr. Richesson said: “We hope that you all are proud of your association with
this text, and want you to know that your contributions have influenced the training of thousands of research and informatics professionals, as well as improved the prospects of a small community of patients and underfunded advocates affected by a devastating and poorly understood lung disease.”

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