Informatics Research Seminar: Visual Data Analysis: From Scientific Visualization to Visual Analytics

September 7 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker: Rachael Brady, MA
Presented from Duke University

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In 2004, Jim Thomas and Pak Chung defined Visual Analytics as an extension of the field of visualization that enhances analytical reasoning with interactive visual interfaces. When done correctly, visual analytics tools can greatly enhance heterogeneous, high dimensional data analysis. But what, exactly, is Visual Analytics? This talk will give a brief overview of the field of data visualization from volumetric methods to surface calculations and information visualization and describe some of the core technologies required for visual analytics, such as data mining, machine learning, and image processing.


Rachael Brady is a research scientist in computer science and electrical engineering and the founding director of Duke’s Visualization Technology Group. Ms. Brady specializes in the use of technology to aid data exploration and analysis. She promotes the use of visualization and virtual reality technologies for improved understanding of scientific data and human cognition. She is responsible for the installation and operation of a 6-sided CAVE-like virtual reality theater (the DiVE). She is also actively involved with developing innovative cross-disciplinary research programs through her role as faculty advisor to the ISIS (interdisciplinary studies + information sciences) program and the Visual Studies Initiative. Ms. Brady is Vice Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee of Visualization and Computer Graphics and has been on the IEEE Visualization conference committee for over fifteen years. Ms. Brady earned her BA from Macalester College and her MA from University of California, Berkeley.