Informatics Research Seminar: Building an Open Source Clinical Decision Support System

September 28 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker: Ashraf Farrag, MS; Carlton Moore, MD, MS; Richard Medlin, MD
Presented from Duke University



The management of major depressive disorder has become an important part of outpatient treatment. The open source system framework outlined in this presentation is the result of collaboration between the Carolina Health Informatics Program and the Division of General Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill. The goal of this proposed system is to provide clinicians with a better view of patient data for making decisions, meet meaningful use objectives and improve compliance with the established treatment protocol.


Ashraf Farrag has been a jack-of-all trades in the IT profession for nearly 18 years having done systems administration, software and web development. He is affiliated with the Carolina Health Informatics Program as a student and IT Consultant. His interests in Clinical Information Science are decision support, security, data mining and search applications for electronic medical records. He began his experience in electronic health records as a volunteer emergency medical technician and hopes to further his studies in a clinical discipline to fully develop his future career in Clinical Information Science. Mr. Farrag earned BS degrees in Computer Science and Biology from UNC Chapel Hill, his MS in Information Science from UNC Chapel Hill and most recently was one of the first recipients of the ONC funded Certificate in Clinical Information Science from the Carolina Health Informatics Program.

Dr. Carlton Moore is a practicing general internist with a background in both medical informatics and health services research. He completed an NIH-funded medical informatics fellowship as well as a Master’s degree in Biostatistics. His research interest involves evaluating the impact that Health IT adoption has on health outcomes and is an investigator on an ONC-funded grant (Beacon Community Cooperative Program) evaluating the impact that Health IT adoption has on health outcomes in primary care practices in the Southern Piedmont area of North Carolina

Dr. Richard Medlin has practiced Emergency Medicine in both private and academic settings for the past 19 years. He’s currently a member of the Department of Emergency Medicine at UNC and continues his clinical practice in the UNC Emergency Department.

He is currently pursing a Master’s Degree at the UNC School of Information and Library Science as part of the Carolina Health Informatics Program.

His research interests are focused on using natural language processing to extract clinical information from Emergency Department records. The informations extracted may then be used for biosurveillance, clinical decision support and the discovery of novel clinical knowledge.