Informatics Research Seminar: Pillars for Care of Older Persons in the Caribbean– A Framework in Need of an Informatics Solution

October 12 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker:  Dorothy Powell, RN, Ed.D, FAAN
Presented from Duke University



Pillars for Care of Older Persons in the Caribbean is a comprehensive community-based public health framework developed through a community-based participatory process involving  health and social service professionals and elderly persons and their care givers from  across the English-speaking Caribbean with an aim to increase years of healthy and active aging.  The impact of the novel framework, comprised of four inter-related pillars, is dependent on a complex system of information technology, which has not been designed, adapted, or applied.  This presentation lays out a real-world primary health care challenge requiring an informatics solution.  It is the hope that the case presented will trigger brain-storming and problem solving activities among informatics students resulting in potential promising recommendations.


Dr. Dorothy Powell is the Associate Dean for Global and Community Health Initiatives (OGACHI) in the Duke University School of Nursing.  The mission of OGACHI is to address health disparities locally and abroad through education, research, and service.  Dr. Powell’s role, using principles of community engagement, is to work with communities and groups to identify critical health problems and to convene and interest teams of faculty and student collaborators in working toward resolution of identified critical health problems achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.  Dr. Powell, a seasoned nurse educator and administrator, holds a BS in Nursing from Hampton University, a MSN in Maternal-Infant Nursing from the Catholic University of America, and an Ed.D in Higher Education Administration from the College of William and Mary.