Japanese Delegation Visits DCHI



Recently, Duke University hosted Kiyoshi Matsuoka and Hiroshi Ohtsu from Juntendo University and Yoshiteru Chiba from University of Tokyo, collaborators with Duke over the years on the infrastructure of their Clinical Research Institute. Anita Walden, Senior Informaticist Project Leader, arranged the meeting.

Their visit included discussions focused on the uses and benefits of REDCap and some of the challenges encountered when converting it to Japanese. Duke’s Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) provided an overview of the REDCap model and the role of the Research Management Team, which supports investigators’ development and data-management activities. Duke Health Technology Solutions (DHTS) and the Informatics Center for Learning Healthcare presented several examples of the integration of clinical care with research. They shared examples of the use of tools, technology, and standards to facilitate integration between Duke’s healthcare system and research groups focusing on the Clinical Data Warehouse, Assessment, Survey, and Questionnaire (ASQ), and the plans for using the Retrieved form for Data-Capture (RFD) with EPIC.

Education and training opportunities were also discussed. The Duke Clinical Research Institute’s (DCRI) Quality Assurance and Regulatory Control group is embarking on a collaborative education and training program, Training, Education and Mentoring with Duke (TEaM), with partners in Asia. The visitors expressed interest and agreement on the risk-based monitoring and auditing approaches, and indicated that the training may be beneficial to their organizations. They were particularly interested in the informatics and training programs that were presented by Duke Center for Health Informatics (DCHI), and asked for more information about participating in online training or training conducted within Japan. In addition to acquiring skills in informatics, the group was seeking guidance on developing the infrastructure to support informatics activities that will enable interoperability, and improve the uses of technology and design methods to enhance the health of patients and facilitate research. The  discussions opened the door to further collaboration between our institutions.

Duke participants for the visit included:

  • Steve Woody, Associate Chief Information Officer for Clinical and Translational Research
  • Dr. Ed Hammond, Director of Duke Center for Health Informatics
  • Brian McCourt, Director of Duke Clinical Informatics
  • Kaye Fendt, Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Howard Shang, Senior Director of the Informatics Center for Learning Healthcare
  • Dr. Vivian West, Associate Director of Duke Center for Health Informatics
  • Susan Budinger, Associate Director of Research Operations, Duke Office of Clinical Research
  • Reza Rostami, Assistant Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Dr. Yousuf Zafar, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Allison Handler, Senior Project Leader
  • Jeff Hawley, Analyst Programmer with Duke Office of Clinical Research

Kiyoshi Matsuoka, Hiroshi Ohtsu, Yoshiteru Chiba, Anita Walden, Vivian West, PhD, Claire Miller, Rene’ Hart