2011 Seminar Archives

Date Speaker Topic
January 12 Patricia Dykes, DNSc, RN Fall Prevention in Hospitals: Results of a Randomized Trial
January 19 Jeff Saville, RN, BS, CPHIMS Duke Patient Portal Demonstration
January 26 Brian McCourt The National Cardiovascular Research Infrastructure and Cardiology Data Standards Projects
February 2 Carlton Moore, MD, MS The Beacon Project: Will HIT Improve Healthcare Quality and Reduce Cost?
February 9 Mark Frisse, MD, MS, MBA Five Years of Health Information Exchange: The Vanderbilt Experience in Memphis
February 16 Vipul Kashyap, PhD Payers, Providers, and Pharma
February 23 Melanie C. Wright, PhD Use of Qualitative Methods to Support HIT Design
March 2 Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD Meeting Clinician Information Needs with Online Knowledge Resources
March 16 Stephanie W. Haas, PhD Social Network Analysis of Public Health Personnel during H1N1
March 23 Jessica Tenenbaum, PhD Omic Data in Clinical Research
March 30 Barbara Wildemuth and Kaitlin Costello Personal Health Records: Their Role and Purpose in People’s Lives
April 6 Constance M. Johnson, PhD, MS, RN Role of Social Networks in Teaching and Research
April 13 Amar Das, MD, PhD Epi-Informatics Research on Electronic Health Record Data: Discovering Patterns of ‘Real World’ Care in Breast Cancer
April 20 David Parker, MD Military Health Systems (MHS): An Overview of Critical Clinical Information Exchange Solutions
September 7 Rachael Brady Visual Data Analysis: From Scientific Visualization to Visual Analytics
September 14 Holt Anderson & Adam H. Greene The March to Health Information Exchange for Meaningful Use: Technology and Policy Considerations for Participants
September 21 Adrian Meyer, MS Connecting Clinical Informatics and Cancer Outcomes Research
September 28 Ashraf Farrag, MS; Carlton Moore, MD, MS; Richard Medlin, MD Building an Open Source Clinical Decision Support System
October 5 Amy Ising, MS The Development and Use of a Statewide, All-Hazards Surveillance System: NC DETECT
October 12 Dorothy Powell, RN, Ed.D, FAAN Pillars for Care of Older Persons in the Caribbean: A Framework in Need of an Informatics Solution
October 26 Patricia L. Thibodeau, MLS, MBA, AHIP, FMLA The New Digital World and the Transformation of Information and Libraries
November 2 Gerda Fillenbaum, PhD Development of a Uniform Assessment for Older Adults
November 9 Sriraam Natarajan, PhD Using Relational Learning for Preventing Heart Attacks
November 16 Deborah K. Mayer, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN eHealth Interventions for Cancer Survivors
November 30 Jeffrey D. Miller NC Health Information Exchange: Strengthening the Information Foundation
December 7 Brad Hemminger Papers without Borders: New Models for Scholarship in a Digital Age