Informatics Research Seminar: Virtual Environments in Healthcare– Disruption, Immersion, and Flow

October 6 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker: Jeffrey Taekman MD
Presented from Duke University



Jeffrey Taekman will present Virtual Environments in Healthcare: Disruption, Immersion, and Flow.
Lectures don’t change behavior, immersion and interaction do. Mannequin based simulation has gained popularity in healthcare largely because it allows learners to practice interactively in context. However, mannequin-based simulation is hampered by its ability to scale, its cost, and the need for learners to co-locate. In this lecture I will discuss the emerging field of games-based learning–the evolution of simulation in healthcare. I will touch on the science of expert performance, focusing primarily on the concepts of “deliberate practice” and “flow.” Finally, I will discuss how games-based learning will revolutionize healthcare education.


Dr. Taekman is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, the Assistant Dean for Educational Technology, Director of the Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center, the Co-Director of Duke Clinical Research Institute’s Center for Educational Excellence. He has more than fifteen years experience in educational technology, simulation and informatics. Dr. Taekman was a founder, the inaugural Secretary and served on the Board of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare during its establishment. He has directed the interdisciplinary Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center since its inception. The HSPSC model, with clinicians and educators working side-by-side with human factors engineers, has been cited as a 21st Century model for improving patient safety. Dr. Taekman’s research focuses on the use of technology in improving patient safety. Areas of interest include informatics, educational technology, mobile computing, and immersive education.

Dr. Taekman is pioneering the use of high-fidelity simulation to improve the safety and quality of clinical trials. His current research includes: (1) evaluation of the role of simulation on clinical trial design and implementation, (2) comparison of interactive methods of evaluating health care team performance, and (3) development of a virtual environments to improve healthcare education and patient safety. He is active in both the development and evaluation of virtual environments / serious games for healthcare. His current development / evaluation of efficacy projects include 3DiTeams (a virtual environment for team training based on the TeamSTEPPS framework-, Immersive Learning Environments @ Duke (ILE@D – a virtual environment to enable situated cognition and student interaction-funded by the Duke Endowment / Nanaline Duke Trust), and a virtual environment for non-anesthesiology providers the cognitive skills of rapid sequence induction and moderate sedation–funded by the Army).

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Taekman has mentored nurses, medical students, residents, and faculty across the country on the uses of simulation in healthcare. He has a long history of innovation and excels at positioning trainees in rapidly emerging areas of investigation. Dr. Taekman has lectured internationally on matters related to educational technology, informatics, and simulation. His efforts were integral to the birth and rapid growth of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Through his funded research, Dr. Taekman leads pioneering efforts to improve the quality of clinical trials and to expand the use of highly-distributable forms of interactive learning. Dr. Taekman was a founding member and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Simulation in Healthcare and reviews for a wide-range of journals. Dr. Taekman frequently reviews grants for the NIH, private foundations, and the military.