Healthcare Analytics Symposium, July 14-16, 2014

Submitted by Pam Barth, Senior Analyst – IT, Duke Health Technology Solutions, and Monica Horvath, PhD, Team Lead, Health Intelligence and Research Services, Duke Health Technology Solutions

Two members of the Health Intelligence and Research Services (HIRS) team presented at the Healthcare Analytics Symposium in Chicago July 14-16, 2014.

April Chester, MSA, MSW, presented a session titled “Fundamentals of Data Preparation in Healthcare Analytics.” Chester’s presentation discussed the ways in which data errors can be introduced in each stage of the data lifecycle, some strategies for recognizing such errors, and the missed opportunities for not recognizing and adjusting for such errors.

Sohayla Pruitt, MA, presented “Big-Geo-Data EHR Infrastructure Development for On-Demand Analytics,” describing Duke Medicine’s implementation of an enterprise EHR and its supporting analytics team that serves the geospatial analytical needs of the organization. Pruitt discussed the organizational need for the delivery of information, including helping to provide greater insight to patients’ risk, environmental history, and compliance with a care plan based on sociocultural factors that may be reflected as a component of geospatial information. Additionally, Pruitt discussed the on-demand nature of these data, including visualization, the automated processes, and robust hardware and software solutions that support the on-demand geospatial information delivery.


              April Chester, MSA, MSW

presents at the Healthcare Analytics Symposium