Health Technology Research Group (HTRG)

Submitted by Pam Barth, Senior Analyst – IT, Duke Health Technology Solutions, and Monica Horvath, PhD, Team Lead, Health Intelligence and Research Services, Duke Health Technology Solutions

During a recent meeting of Duke Medicine’s Health Technology Research Group (HTRG), Ilona Stashko, IT Analyst with Duke Health Technology Solutions, discussed work on the Breast Cancer Caremap project. Her presentation, titled “DIHI Grant in Support of Creating Breast Cancer Caremaps – A Mid-Year Review,” described:

•    The reasons why the Caremaps are unique and beneficial;
•    The exploratory work done to date in evaluating the Caremap options (e.g., design-driven versus data-driven);
•    The implementation plan and data workflow for both front-end and back-end pieces of the project;
•    The value-added outcomes in creating the Caremaps (e.g., support for Survivorship Plans, which will be required in 2015); and
•    An assessment of quality of care when specified treatment plans are followed.

The Breast Cancer Caremaps are on-track to be implemented by the Breast Oncology team in January 2015.

In HTRG’s July meeting, IT Analyst Mark Massing, MD, PhD, presented “Population Health: Using Data to Help Communities Stay Well.” Massing discussed the concept of population health, reviewed its determinants, and explored some specific examples related to levels and trends in population health. His presentation exhibited evidence that the primary determinants of population health are not clinical; rather, the need for health providers to understand the community-level factors that influence patients’ health was emphasized.