Health IT Workforce Curriculum Components Archive Hosted on AMIA’s Website



From AMIA e-News Buzz (Feb 27, 2014):

In April 2010, The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) awarded $10 million in grants to five domestic institutions of higher education to develop curriculum and instructional materials to enhance workforce training programs primarily at the community college level. AMIA’s member leaders from the Curriculum Development Centers Program awardee institutions, Drs. Bill Hersh, Patti Abbott, Eta Berner, Ed Hammond, and Rita Kukafka have agreed to archive ONC funded Health IT Workforce Curriculum Components in the AMIA Knowledge Center. The institutions are Oregon Health & Science University (National Training and Dissemination Center), Johns Hopkins University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Duke University, and Columbia University.

“I am pleased that these educational leaders, longtime advocates for and members of AMIA, have agreed to archive the workforce curriculum in the AMIA Knowledge Center. This represents a significant acquisition of education content by AMIA and will enable AMIA members and the public to continue to access materials after the funding from the ONC Workforce Program’s funding has expired.

Drs. Hersh, Abbott, Berner, Hammond and Kukafka have not only called AMIA their professional home throughout their careers, but also, in many ways, have defined and shared a vision for AMIA through their education programs,” said Jeff Williamson, Vice President of Education and Academic Affairs.

The Health IT Workforce Curriculum Components can be accessed here in the AMIA Knowledge Center.