Informatics Research Seminar: Health Information Security in Academic Medical Centers: Status and Prospects

January 25 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Speaker: Dave Kirby
Presented from UNC-CH

Broadcast Link: Seminar



Health information security programs have become standard fare at academic medical centers over the last decade. These programs require periodic review and updates. Recently, reviews have been stimulated by the Meaningful Use of EHR program, increased, enforcement of HIPAA/HITECH regulations, increased risks, and increased costs of privacy breach notice and remediation. The presentation will review the results of an in-depth survey of several AMC security programs undertaken in the last year noting program status and prospects for changes.


Mr. Kirby has spent over thirty five years in various roles developing innovative uses of health information technology with a variety of public, private, state, national, and international organizations. These roles have included being an academic medical center (AMC) information security officer , a director of an AMC-based telehealth program, director of an IT innovation center in an AMC, a manager of technology support for an AMC, commercial IT product developer and manager, consultant, and a juror for the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology.

Mr. Kirby provides consulting in information security and privacy and innovative information technology as part of Kirby Information Management Consulting. LLC. Clients include healthcare enterprises, certification bodies, broadband development projects, HIE/RHIO projects, and healthcare information technology vendors of all sizes and types. Mr. Kirby has authored a commercial security toolkit for small medical practices and presents regularly at healthcare and IT industry conferences.

Mr. Kirby holds a BS degree in computer science from West Virginia University and an MS degree in computer science from UNC at Chapel Hill. He holds professional certifications in information security and privacy, including a CISSP, CHPS, and CHS. He is an adjunct associate professor in the Division of Clinical Informatics at Duke University Medical Center.