Hammond updates chapter in Dr. Morris Collen’s book, “The History of Medical Informatics in the United States” first published in 1995


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“The History of Medical Informatics in the United States” focuses on the revolution medical informatics has undergone over the years since the original book was released in 1995. The health systems that were once entirely institutionally driven are now united by systems that are driven by clinical subspecialties, nursing, pathology, clinical laboratory, pharmacy, imaging, and more. The book recognizes that the principal focus is a patient’s individual health as a whole that all of these systems are designed to serve the patient and not the clinician nor the institution like previously believed to be true.

“A group of world-renowned authors have joined forces with Dr. Marion Ball to bring Dr. Collen’s incredible work to press. These recognized leaders in medical informatics, many of whom are the recipients of the Morris F. Collen Award in Medical Informatics and were friends of or mentored by Dr. Collen, carefully reviewed, editing and updating his draft chapters. This has resulted in the most thorough history of the subject imaginable, and also provides readers with a roadmap for the subject well into later in the century.”-Springer