Hammond Speaks at HIBIT 2013 in Turkey



W. Ed Hammond, PhD did a presentation titled “The Magic of Informatics” to attendees of HIBIT 2013, the 8th International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, held September 25-27, 2013 in Ankara, Turkey. HIBIT was formed in 2005 (see website) to “bring together academics, researchers and practitioners who work in these popular and fulfilling areas and to create the much-needed synergy among medical, biological and information technology sectors.”


Informatics had its formal beginning as a science in 1948 when Claude Shannon defined the unit for measurement of information – the bit. Since then, informatics has continued to grow to encompass health and health care – from molecules to population. Informatics is becoming the silo buster, linking any and all data, knowledge, and processes. This presentation defines the specifics of how informatics has transformed health and health care using big data to extract new knowledge from processes and outcomes. The talk focuses on the Electronic Health Record as the Centerpiece for the process of health and healthcare delivery. The new EHR will contain genomic and other ‘omic data, biomarkers, clinical data, social data, and environmental data. This huge volume of data coupled with the exponential amount of available knowledge will significantly impact health care delivery. Further, medicine will become increasingly personal and focused on the individual. This presentation discusses the transition of health care addressing issues of translational medicine, personal health, public health, and population health. It also addresses the education and training of a workforce to support this informatics-driven health care.

Presentation slides can be viewed here.