Hammond Invited to Present to Asia-Pacific HL7 Conference



W. Ed Hammond, PhD, Director of the Duke University Center for Health Informatics, presented a talk titled “The Role of Phenotypes in Establishing Interoperability in Health Care” to attendees of the Asia-Pacific HL7 Conference on Health Care Standards, held October 25-26, 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Hammond also presented Chiu Wen-Ta, MD, Minster of Health and Welfare of the Executive Yuan in China with the HL7 International Award of Appreciation for Support of Standards in Healthcare in Taiwan.

 Photos Courtesy of APHL7

Ed Hammond at Asia-Pacific HL7 Conference

Pictured left to right: Prof. Chien-Tsai Liu (Taipei Medical University), Prof. Alvin B. Marcelo (University of the Philippines),

Prof. Baoluo Li (HL7 China), Dr. Fann, Yang C. (USA National Institutes of Health), Dr. W. Edward Hammond (HL7 International),

Chih-Chan Yen (HL7 Taiwan), Ming-Hui Hsu (Ministry of Health and Welfare), President Yun Yen (Taipei Medical University),

Chung-Liang Chien (Board of Science and Technology Executive Yuan), Dr. Michio Kimura (HL7 Japan)