Gardner Sees HIT in Action During Visit to Duke



Reed Gardner, PhD, professor emeritus with the Department of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah School of Medicine, visited Duke University on February 26. Accompanied by DCHI Director W. Ed Hammond, PhD and physicians Charles William Hargett, MD and Noppon P. Setji, MD, Dr. Gardner enjoyed a tour of Duke Hospital’s General Medicine and Intensive Care Units and observed firsthand how Duke uses the Maestro Care electronic healthcare record in the clinical setting. Following his visit, Dr. Gardner congratulated Duke on its technological accomplishments:

I came to DUKE to get a view of an excellent REAL WORLD application of computers in the ICU and the hospital. The visit was very informative and highly interactive. I really learned a lot and certainly appreciated the visit. I congratulate you on your installation and operation of an EMR at Duke. You have done well, you know what works well and what is problematic. Wonderful to see you maximizing the use of EMR and computerized decision support. In the clinical informatics field we have those who only focus on the “failures”. You folks have focused on the “successes” and are to be congratulated. Keep up the good work!!

Stephanie Niemchak, BSN, RN, CCRN, Clinical Operations Director for the Medical ICU, Step-down, Pulmonary, and General Medicine floors, coordinated Dr. Gardner’s visit.