Spring 2019 Informatics Seminar Series


Seminar Schedule

The Informatics Research Seminar Series is sponsored by Duke University and a collaboration with UNC-Chapel Hill, NCCU, UNC-Charlotte, and ECU. NEW IN SPRING 2019 – WAKE FOREST WILL JOIN AS THE SIXTH UNIVERSITY IN THE SEMINAR SERIES COLLABORATION. 

This series explores key areas in Health Informatics and include research results, overview of programs of research, basic, applied, and evaluative projects, as well as research from varied epistemological stances.

The Fall 2018 Informatics Seminars Series has ended. A list of the dates for all of the twelve seminar presentations in Spring 2019 can be found here.

If you have any questions about the upcoming seminars please contact Pegeen Ryan-Murray at pjm15@duke.edu.

Please see our 2018 page for all of the 2018 archived seminars.