AMIA/DCHI 10×10 Distance Learning Course

The Duke Center for Health Informatics (DCHI) offers a 10×10 course entitled Data Standards for Learning Health Systems. Sponsored in conjunction with the American Medical Informatics Association, this is one of 16 10×10 programs offered through AMIA. Each program provides a broad overview and numerous details about the topic of the course.

One of AMIA’s goals is to support education and training for the biomedical and health informatics workforce. The AMIA 10×10 program was developed to meet its goal of training 10,000 health care professionals in informatics within 10 years through training programs in collaboration with its academic partners. Although that 10 year time span expired a few years ago, the 10×10 program continues and has expanded in response to the growth and importance of informatics in health care today.

Duke offered its first course (Data Standards for Learning Health Systems ) at the end of January 2017. The Director of the program is Rachel Richesson, PhD, a trained informatician who joined Duke University in 2011 as an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing. The cost of this online course is $2,395. For additional details please see the AMIA website. Dates of our next 10×10 course are January 22nd to March 27th, 2019.