DUSON Informatics Program Revamped, New Courses Added



The informatics program in the School of Nursing has made major revisions to its curriculum as a result of published core competencies. New courses added are:

  • Cognitive Informatics in Healthcare
  • Data Analytics I & II
  • Database Systems in Healthcare: Design, Management, and Connectivity
  • Health Information Technology Leadership

These new offerings join these existing courses:

  • Introduction to Health Informatics
  • Health Informatics Research Seminar
  • Scholarly Dimensions I: Science Development, Study Design & Statistics
  • Scholarly Dimensions II: Evidence-Based Practice
  • Professional Transitions: Advanced Practice Nurse Research Seminar
  • Facilitating Student Learning
  • Population Health in a Global Society
  • Health Information Exchange Standards, Methods, & Models
  • Synthesis of Specialty Practice
  • System Design, Implementation, Evaluation, & Maintenance