Duke @ AMIA Annual Conference 2012

November 3-7, 2012
Hilton Chicago, Chicago, IL

A Usability Problem: Conveying Health Risks to Consumers on the Internet
C. Johnson; R. Shaw 

(This paper won the Harriet H. Werley award, a cash prize given to a paper judged to make the greatest contribution to advancing the field of nursing informatics.)

Assessment of Technology for Enabling Self Care in Older Adults (poster)
V. West; W.E. Hammond     

Cardiovascular Imaging Data Standards: A Graduate Student’s Perspective (poster)
K. Luse; D. Armstrong; K. Groff; C. Huang; T. Lorimer  

Compact Clinical Guideline: Representation and its Use in Clinical Care (abstract of poster)
K. Mane; P. Owen; C. Schmitt; J. Mostafa; K. Gersing  

Development of a Multifunctional System to Facilitate Recruitment into a Community-Based Registry and Biorepository (poster)
M. Smerek; A. Walden; J.  Frund; A. Waters; C. Franklin; G. Del Fiol

Heuristic Evaluation in Personal Health Record (PHR) System Usability (poster)
H. Dodson; L. Spearman   

Ontology-Based Federated Data Access to Human Studies Information (article)
I. Sim; S. Carini; S. Tu; L. Detwiler; J. Brinkley; S. Mollah; K. Burke; H. Lehmann; S. Chakraborty; K. Wittkowski; B. Pollock; T. Johnson; V. Huser

(This paper won an award as one of the top five “Distinguised Papers” at AMIA 2012.)

The “Cost Awareness Real Time (C.A.R.T)” Informatics Application (poster)
A. Castleberry; H. Dodson; D. Harris; L. Murray; L. Spearman 

The Paths Toward Informatics Careers in the Post-HITECH Era (panel)
N. Theera-Ampornpunt; T. Kelley; E. Ramly; R. Shaw; S. Khairat; F. Sonnenberg

(The three AMIA 2012 Scientific Chairs selected this panel as one of the “Best of AMIA 2012 ‘Hot Picks’.”)

Will Family Health History Tools Work for Complex Families? Scenario-Based Testing of a Web-Based Consumer Application (presentation)
J. Peace; W. Bisanar; N. Licht