Duke @ AMIA Annual Conference 2009

November 14-18, 2009, Hilton San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Acceptance and Usability of Computer Kiosks that Enable Patients to Contribute Personal Health Information Directly into a Health
Information Exchange for Use in Clinical Decision Support.
J. Willis, G. Silvey, D. Lobach

Accuracy of Clinical Information Entered by Patients Through Health Information Kiosks Compared to Patient Charts and Claims Data. (abstract) (poster)
G. Silvey, J. Willis, J. Barbour, D. Lobach

An Open Source Integrated Subject Recruitment System. (poster)
B. Gilbert, H. Shang, J. Ferranti

Comparing the Usability of Apple and Palm Handheld Computing Devices Among Physicians: A Randomized Crossover Study.  (poster)
A. Joseph, J. Loo, M. Adams

Data Elements: A Strategy for Clinical Domain and Secondary Use. (poster)
E. Hammond, M Nahm

Decision Support Methodology: Implementation on a Clinical Trial. (abstract) 
B. Wilgus, B. McCourt; H. Tillmann, J. Snapp, M. Bangert

Development and Evaluation of a Study Design Typology for Human Subjects Research. (article)
S. Carini, B. Pollock, H. Lehmann, S. Bakken, E. Barbour, D. Gabriel, H. Hagler, C. Harper, S. Mollah, M. Nahm, H. Nguyen, R. Scheuermann, I. Sim

Discrepancies between Clinical Information Entered by Patients through Health Information Kiosks When Compared to Patient Charts and Claims (abstract)
Garry M. Silvey, Janese M. Willis, Justina Barbour, and David F. Lobach

Economic Analysis of Distributed Versus Centralized Electronic Data Capture for Clinical Research Networks. (abstract)
Walden A, Nahm M, Barnett ME, Conde JG,
Dent A, Fadiel A, Perry T, Tolk C, Tcheng JE, Eisenstein

Evaluation of the PharmGKB Knowledge Base as a Resource for Efficiently Assessing the Clinical Validity and Utility of
Pharmacogenetic Assays. (abstract)

K. Kawamoto, L. Orlando, D. Voora, D. Lobach, S. Joy, A. Cho, G. Ginsburg

Facilitating Consumer Clinical Information Seeking by Maintaining Referential Context: Evaluation of a Prototypic Approach. (article)
D. Lobach, A. Waters, G. Silvey, S. Clark, S. Kalyanaraman, K. Kawamoto, I. Lipkus

Supporting Clinical Information Seeking Across Users with Diverse Educational Backgrounds.  (abstract) (poster)
D. Lobach, A. Waters, G. Silvey, S. Clark, K. Kawamoto, I. Lipkus, S. Kalyanaraman

The MURDOCK Integrated Data Repository (MIDR): An Integrative Platform for Biomarker Research. (poster)
S. Chakraborty, C. Blach, M. Gardner, B. McCourt, M. Nahm, J.D. Tenenbaum

Visual Analytics Approach to Practice Evidence-Based Medicine. (poster)
K. Mane, C. Schmitt, C. Bizon, K. Gersing, B. Burchett, R. Pietrobon