Duke @ AMIA Joint Summit on Translational Science 2010

March 12–13, 2010, Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA

A Strategy for Defining Common Data Elements to Support Clinical Care and Secondary Use in Clinical Research (slides) (abstract)
R. Richesson, D. Mon, C. Kallem, P. Gunter

Clinical Research Data Management Tasks and Definitions. (poster)
M. Nahm, J. Zhang, T. Johnson, A. Walden, C. Johnson

Community-Based Data Share — Achieving Exponential Return on Original Research  (abstract)
C. Green, M. Nahm, J. Shostak

Distributed Cognition Artifacts on Clinical Research Data Collection Forms. (article)
M. Nahm, V. Nguyen, E. Razzouk, M. Zhu, J. Zhang

Evolution of a Clinical Research Informatics Group Within a Service-Oriented Clinical Trials Data Management Organization (slides)
B. McCourt, D. Fasteson-Harris, S. Chakraborty, C. Bova Hill

The Avonex Combination Trial (ACT): An Early Service-Oriented Architecture Implementation (poster)
S. Chakraborty, R. Annechiarico, P. Imrey, J. Cohen, J. Perryman, C. Hara-Cleaver

The Human Studies Database Project — Federating Human Studies Design Data Using the Ontology of Clinical Research. (article)
I. Sim, S. Carini, S. Tu, R. Wynden, B. Pollock, S. Mollah, D. Gabriel, H. Hagler, R. Scheuermann, H. Lehmann, K. Wittkowski, M. Nahm, S. Bakken

Transforming Research Through a National Cardiovascular Research Infrastructure (poster)
B. McCourt, B. Barham, L. Melton, L. Poole, J. Rumsfeld, R. Harrington, E. Peterson; D. Kong

Use and Evaluation of Standards for Investigator-Initiated Studies: Preliminary Results (slides) (abstract)
M. Perry, M. Barnett, A. Dent, J. Tcheng, E. Eisenstein, M. Nahm, A. Walden, J. Conde, P. Harris, A. Fadiel, C. Tolk

User Requirements for Exploring a Resource Inventory for Clinical Research. (article)
B. Mirel, J. Tenenbaum, P. Saxman, K. Smith; Z. Wright