Duke @ Joint Summits 2014 (presentations)

April 7-11, 2014, Parc 55 Wyndham, San Francisco, CA

AACT-Results: The Results Dataset Extensions For The AACT Database (slides)
Asba Tasneem; Skip Maza; Surendra Gonigunta; James Topping; Philip D’Almada; Karen Chiswell; Robert M. Califf

A Typology of Research Paradigms and Design Principles: Clinical Trials, Disease Registries, and Electronic Health Records (poster)
Rebecca Wilgus; Shelley Rusincovitch; Charlotte Nelson; Monica Horvath; April E. Chester; Benjamin Neely;Paramita Saha Chaudhuri; Rachel Richesson; James Tcheng; Robert M. Califf

Automated, Quantitative Analysis of Histopathological Staining in Nuclei (poster)
Ricardo Henao; Joseph Geradts; Manabu Kurokawa; Sally Kornbluth; Joseph Lucas

Design and Implementation of an Automated Geocoding Infrastructure for the Duke Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse (abstract)
Shelley Rusincovitch; Sohayla Pruitt; Rebecca Gray; Kevin Li; Monique Anderson; Stephanie Brinson; Jeffrey Ferranti

EXpectation Propagation LOgistic REgRession (EXPLORER): Distributed Privacy-Preserving Online Model Learning
Shuang Wang; Xiaoqian Jiang; Yuan Wu; Lijuan Cui; Samuel Cheng; Lucila Ohno-Machado

Joint Analysis of Multiple Data Types in Electronic Health Records (slides)
Joseph Lucas

SciCast Project (slides not available; if interested in more information, please email Jessica Tenenbaum)
Jessica Tenenbaum; Anthony Solomonides; Judy Logan

Standardized Representation for Electronic Health Record-Driven Phenotypes (slides)
Rachel Richesson; Shelley Rusincovitch; Michelle M. Smerek; Jyotishman Pathak

Use of the Epic Electronic Health Record for Comprehensive Clinical Research Management at Duke (slides)
Iain C. Sanderson; Denise C. Snyder; Terry Ainsworth; Cory L. Ennis; Julie McCauley; Fabian Stone; Leigh Burgess; Beth McLendon-Arvik; Colleen Shannon; Mark Stacy

Use of RxNorm and NDF-RT to Normalize and Characterize Participant-reported Medications in an i2b2-based Research Repository (slides)
Colette Blach; Guilherme Del Fiol; Chandel Dundee; Julie Frund; Rachel Richesson; Michelle M. Smerek; Anita Walden; Jessica Tenenbaum

Validation and Portability of Unbiased, Label-free Proteomics (slides)
Joseph Lucas; J. Will Thompson; Laura Dubois; Keyur Patel; Arthur Moseley

WebGLORE: a Web service for Grid Logistic REgression (slides)
Wenchao Jiang; Pinghao Li; Shuang Wang; Yuan Wu; Meng Xue; Lucila Ohno-Machado; Xiaoqian Jiang