AMIA 2019 – Clinical Informatics Conference

Applied clinical informatics professionals, this is YOUR conference.

This is where clinicians, data scientists, HIT developers and researchers gather to learn about implementing team-based, integrated healthcare driven by data, evidence, and best practice. This is the “doing conference” where workshops and presentations provide attendees tools to help them in their day-to-day practice. This is where evidence- and experience-based clinical informatics are explored to improve the quality and safety of health care.

The AMIA 2019 Clinical Informatics Conference (CIC) will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on April 30th-May 2nd.


Duke University presentations at NCHICA 21st Annual Conference

September 13-16, 2015

NCHICA Conference (Fall 2015)







The NCHICA 21st Annual Conference and Exhibition was held on September 13-16, 2015 in Pinehurst, NC. The conference offered an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments and best practices in healthcare IT. This year’s theme was “Transforming Healthcare from Volume to Value.” It consisted of plenary sessions, interactive sessions, and breakout sessions on topics including health, population health, and technology. Duke was represented by three presenters: Ed Hammond, PhD; Vivian West, PhD; and Ricky Bloomfield, MD.

A Platform for Innovation: SMART, FHIR and HealthKit: Ricky Bloomfield, MD

In order to accelerate the pace of healthcare innovation it is imperative that healthcare technology vendors adopt simple, open, and secure standards to access data; but getting the data and offering compelling visualizations and/or decision support isn’t enough. Those innovations must then be incorporated into the patient or provider workflow in a meaningful way that will not require use of disparate systems. Learn what Duke has done to implement technologies such as Apple’s HealthKit and the SMART on FHIR platform to enable a new generation of data generation and access. See a demo of SMART on FHIR, including integration of an open-source app, closed-source app and self-developed app, all running within the desktop EHR environment as well as the mobile EHR environment.

Visualization of Health Care Data: Vivian West, PhD

With the rapidly increasing amount of electronic data in health care, the potential for knowledge discovery is significant if this large amount of data, or big data, is managed in innovative ways. Data visualization provides a means to identify information in big data that might otherwise not be obvious and is beginning to be of interest for the ways in which the information can be seen. A 2 ½ year study exploring novel visualization of health related data was funded by the Department of Defense for research conducted at the Duke Center for Health Informatics (DCHI). This presentation will review the historic trajectory of visualization of healthcare data; the terms and techniques using this technology; the research conducted by DCHI and findings from innovative visualization of health care data; and the potential of visualization technology for transforming care delivery.

Setting the World on FHIR: W. Ed Hammond, PhD

The pursuit of true interoperability has become the focus of many groups. Patient-centered care, data sharing, big data, pragmatic clinical trials, and precision medicine are just a few examples whose success depends on interoperability. Center to these activities is the ability to transport and use data among disparate groups. Health Level Seven (HL7) has introduced a new standard called Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) that shows great promise in enabling true interoperability. This presentation introduces FHIR, defines what it is, and gives some specific examples. We will discuss what makes FHIR an exciting choice, including who and how it is being implemented. The current state of FHIR development will be included.

Achieving a Functioning Learning Health System by 2024 – The Challenges and Benefits of a Successful Journey: Holt Anderson (Learning Health Strategies) & W. Ed Hammond, PhD

Having first been articulated by the Institute of Medicine in 2007, the concept of a Learning Health System (LHS) has gained visibility and increasing support as a vision of what our health and healthcare system should be. The LHS builds on the increasing use of digital data, informatics, and analytics, and the potential that big data brings to the aggregation of hundreds of millions of encounters and outcomes to derive knowledge that will inform individual clinical decisions at the point of care. The panel will address each of the significant, clinical, research, technical, and policy components to realize this vision.

Women in Informatics Networking Event Returns to AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Medicine



After last year’s successful WINE (Women in Informatics Networking Event), WINE II will be held at the AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Medicine Wednesday, April 9, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the hotel bar. As space is limited, please RSVP to organizer Jessie Tenenbaum, PhD.

Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM) Annual Conference

Submitted by Anita Walden, Senior Informatist – Biomedical Informatics, Duke Translational Medicine Institute

Several Duke faculty and staff will showcase their work at the 20th Annual Conference of the Society for Clinical Data Management September 28-October 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Another Tool in the Data Management Toolbox: Improving the User Experience with Usability and Evaluation Techniques” is a poster developed by Senior Data Technician David Steele and fellow DTMI-MURDOCK Study colleagues Michelle Smerek, Kimberly Ellis, and Anita Walden. A second poster, “Schizophrenia and Major Depressive Disorder – Experience in Developing New Therapeutic Area Standard Data Elements in Mental Health,” describes the research by Meredith Zozus, PhD and Anita Walden (Duke), Amy Palmer and Steve Kopko (CDISC), and Rhonda Facile (NCI-EVS).

NC HIMSS Annual Conference 2014



Conference Information

Monica Horvath, PhD along with Greg Nelson, MMCi, ThotWave Technologies, LLC, will present a session titled “Change Brings Challenges: Defining Analytics at a Health System with Priorities in Research, Education, and Clinical Care” at the NC HIMSS Conference in Raleigh May 1-2, 2014. The presentation addresses challenges faced during the deployment of a new EHR.

Duke @ Joint Summits on Translational Science 2013 (presentations)

March 18-22, 2013 | Parc 55 Hotel | San Francisco, CA

A Comprehensive Framework for Data Quality Assessment in CER (panel moderator)
M. Kahn, M. Nahm, P. Ryan, N. Weiskopf


Alternative Careers for Biomedical Informatics PhDs (panel moderator)
J. Tenenbaum, M. Sorani, M. Baker, A. Torrance, E. Horvitz


Clinical Research Tools: Experience with Velos Volunteer Management: Benefits Realized in Year One and Plans for the Future
Julie Eckstrand


Connecting the Dots Between Text and Data (poster)
Ilona Stashko, E. Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH, P. Kelly Marcom, MD, Steve Power, MS, Howard Shang


DEDUCE Clinical Text: An Ontology-based Module to Support Self-Service Clinical Notes Exploration and Cohort Development (abstract)

Christopher Roth, MD, MMCi, Shelley A. Rusincovitch, Monica M. Horvath, PhD, Stephanie Brinson, Steve Evans, Howard C. Shang, Jeffrey M. Ferranti, MD, MS


Development of an Electronic Research Permissions Management System to Enhance Informed Consents and Capture Research Authorizations Data (abstract)
Obeid, Jihad; Katherine Reilly; Kapil Chalil Madathil;
Daniel Rugg; Colin Alstad; Katrina Fryar; Randall Alexander; Anand Gramopadhye; Jay Moskowitz; Iain Sanderson

Duke Index of Biospecimens to Enable Sharing of Biospecimen Collections (poster)
Aenoch J. Lynn and Helena J. Ellis

Experience with a Technology Solution for Early Phase Clinical Research: Focus on Volunteer Registration and Trial Recruitment (poster)
Julie A. Eckstrand, R.Ph, BS Pharm, Matthew Gardner, Stephen K. Woody

Framework for Curating and Applying Data Elements within Continuing Use Data: A Case Study from the Durham Diabetes Coalition (abstract and slides)
Shelley A. Rusincovitch, Bryan C. Batch, MD, Susan Spratt, MD, Bradi B. Granger, PhD, Ashley A. Dunham, PhD, Lisa P. Davis, PhD, Stephanie Brinson, Jeffrey M. Ferranti, MD, MS, Howard C. Shang, Robert M. Califf, MD

Managing Medication Data in a Longitudinal Community-Based Registry & Biorepository (poster)
Chandel Dundee, Michelle Smerek, Andrew Waters, Anita Walden, Meredith Nahm, Douglas Wixted, Jessica D Tenenbaum, Rachel L. Richesson

Metadata-Centered Development for a Community Registry System (poster)
Andrew Waters, BS, Julie Frund, BS, Michelle Smerek, BS, Anita Walden, BA, Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD

Multi-Stakeholder Utilization of a Clinical Domain Analysis Model (poster)
Rebecca Wilgus, RN, MSN, Benjamin Wilson, David F. Kong, MD, AM, James E. Tcheng, MD, Brian McCourt

Silver Medallion Poster Presentation (slides)
W. Ed Hammond, PhD

Standardized Approaches to the Collection and Analysis of Medication Data using Public Data Standards and Software (poster)
Rachel L. Richesson, PhD and Kendra Vehik, PhD

Terminology for a Centralized Biobank Information Management System (poster)
Mary-Beth M. Joshi, MPH, Aenoch J. Lynn,  Anita C. Walden, and Helena J. Ellis

The Duke Breast Data Mart Project (poster)
E. Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH, P. Kelly Marcom, MD, Ilona Stashko, Steve Power, MS, Karen Johnson, MD, Jay Baker, MD, Joseph Geradts, MD, Raj Dash, MD, Janet Horton, MD, Rachel Blitzblau, MD, Eileen Morgan, MPA, Steve Evans, Howard Shang

THE MURDOCK Study: A Rich Data Resource for Biomarker Discovery and Validation (poster)
Brian D. Bennett, Jessica D. Tenenbaum, Victoria Christian, Melissa A. Cornish, Rowena J. Dolor, Ashley A. Dunham, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Virginia B. Kraus, Meredith L. Nahm, L. Kristin Newby, Laura P. Svetkey, Krishna Udayakumar, Robert M. Califf

The MURDOCK Study: Self-reported and EHR-derived Phenotypes Supporting Biomarker Discovery (poster)
Douglas Wixted, Meredith L. Nahm, Michelle Smerek, Anita Walden, Jessica Tenenbaum, Ashley Dunham, Carl F. Pieper, Melissa Cornish, Victoria Christian, Rowena Dolor, L. Kristin Newby, Robert M. Califf

AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Science 2014

Rachel Richesson, PhD, MPH served as Chair of the Scientific Program Committee for the Clinical Research Informatics component of the 2014 AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Science held April 7-11, 2014 in San Francisco.

A paper authored by Colette Blach; Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD; Chandel Dundee, RN; Julie Frund; Rachel Richesson, PhD; Michelle M. Smerek; Anita Walden; and Jessica Tenenbaum, PhD titled “Use of RxNorm and NDF-RT to Normalize and Characterize Participant-reported Medications in an i2b2-based Research Repository” was selected as a finalist for
the Outstanding CRI Paper Award, sponsored by the The Ohio State University Department of Biomedical Informatics.

The list of Duke faculty and staff whose work was featured at the Joint Summits is detailed below, as are photographs from the event. Presentations and posters will be added as they are collected from the authors.

AACT-Results: The Results Dataset Extensions For The AACT Database
Asba Tasneem; Skip Maza; Surendra Gonigunta; James Topping; Philip D’Almada; Karen Chiswell; Robert M. Califf

A Typology of Research Paradigms and Design Principles: Clinical Trials, Disease Registries, and Electronic Health Records | Poster
Rebecca Wilgus; Shelley Rusincovitch; Charlotte Nelson; Monica Horvath; April E. Chester; Benjamin Neely; Paramita Saha Chaudhuri; Rachel Richesson; James Tcheng; Robert M. Califf

Automated, Quantitative Analysis of Histopathological Staining in Nuclei | Poster
Ricardo Henao; Joseph Geradts; Manabu Kurokawa; Sally Kornbluth; Joseph Lucas

Design and Implementation of an Automated Geocoding Infrastructure for the Duke Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse | Abstract
Shelley Rusincovitch; Sohayla Pruitt; Rebecca Gray; Kevin Li; Monique Anderson; Stephanie Brinson; Jeffrey Ferranti

EXpectation Propagation LOgistic REgRession (EXPLORER): Distributed Privacy-Preserving Online Model Learning
Shuang Wang; Xiaoqian Jiang; Yuan Wu; Lijuan Cui; Samuel Cheng; Lucila Ohno-Machado

Joint Analysis of Multiple Data Types in Electronic Health Records
Joseph Lucas

SciCast Project (slides not available; if interested in more information, please email Jessica Tenenbaum)
Jessica Tenenbaum; Anthony Solomonides; Judy Logan

Standardized Representation for Electronic Health Record-Driven Phenotypes
Rachel Richesson; Shelley Rusincovitch; Michelle M. Smerek; Jyotishman Pathak

Use of the Epic Electronic Health Record for Comprehensive Clinical Research Management at Duke
Iain C. Sanderson;
Denise C. Snyder; Terry Ainsworth;
Cory L. Ennis; Julie McCauley;
Fabian Stone; Leigh Burgess; Beth McLendon-Arvik; Colleen Shannon; Mark

Use of RxNorm and NDF-RT to Normalize and Characterize Participant-reported Medications in an i2b2-based Research Repository
Colette Blach; Guilherme Del Fiol; Chandel Dundee; Julie Frund; Rachel Richesson; Michelle M. Smerek; Anita Walden; Jessica Tenenbaum

Validation and Portability of Unbiased, Label-free Proteomics
Joseph Lucas; J. Will Thompson; Laura Dubois; Keyur Patel; Arthur Moseley

WebGLORE: a Web service for Grid Logistic REgression
Wenchao Jiang; Pinghao Li; Shuang Wang; Yuan Wu; Meng Xue; Lucila Ohno-Machado; Xiaoqian Jiang