What lifetime achievement award, given by the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI), is the most prestigious honor in the field of Informatics?

The Morris F. Collen Award of Excellence. The first award was given to Dr. Collen in 1993 for his profound influence on creating a new model of healthcare payment, and introduction of computers to track health status of patients and screening for health maintenance. Dr. Collen’s work with industrialist Henry Kaiser led to the establishment of Kaiser Permanente, the first nationwide healthcare provider to feature a comprehensive prepaid health plan.

Since 1993, The Morris F. Collen Award has been given yearly to one individual (with the exception of co-recipients in 2001) who is a pioneer and represents excellence in informatics.  In 2003, it was awarded to Dr. W. Ed Hammond in recognition of  his development one of the nation’s first electronic health record systems and significant work on health care standards, including founding HL7. The National Library of Medicine produced a video tribute of Dr. Hammond’s accomplishments upon his award.

Today, after almost 60 years at Duke Dr. Hammond is still hard at work as a teacher, mentor, collaborator, consultant and worldwide speaker with the same goal he had at the beginning of his career: to promote research and education that is designed to improve human health.

For more information on the recipients of the Morris F. Collen Award of Excellence visit the AMIA website.

Since 1993, The Morris F. Collen Award has been given almost every year to one individual (with the exception of co-recipients in 2001). In 2003, it was given to Dr. W. Ed Hammond, who has been teaching and working at Duke since 1968. Having earned a B.S. and PhD in Electrical Engineering and a Post Doc from the Duke School of Medicine, Dr. Hammond has been a member of the Duke community for more than 50 years. A video tribute of his accomplishments was produced courtesy of the National Library of Medicine and can be found with all of the Collen Award recipients on the AMIA website.

Spring 2019 Informatics Seminar Series


Seminar Schedule

The Informatics Research Seminar Series is sponsored by Duke University and a collaboration with UNC-Chapel Hill, NCCU, UNC-Charlotte, and ECU. NEW IN SPRING 2019 – WAKE FOREST WILL JOIN AS THE SIXTH UNIVERSITY IN THE SEMINAR SERIES COLLABORATION. 

This series explores key areas in Health Informatics and include research results, overview of programs of research, basic, applied, and evaluative projects, as well as research from varied epistemological stances.

The Fall 2018 Informatics Seminars Series has ended. A list of the dates for all of the twelve seminar presentations in Spring 2019 can be found here.

If you have any questions about the upcoming seminars please contact Pegeen Ryan-Murray at pjm15@duke.edu.

Please see our 2018 page for all of the 2018 archived seminars.

DeCart Data Science for the Health Science Summer Program, University of Utah

DeCart Data Science is a new  Health Science summer school program at the University of Utah beginning June 28, 2017 .

The program is a series of two and a half day courses including, rule-based NLP, machine learning NLP, data visualization, bioinformatics with Galaxy and predictive analytics. This will be a hands-on program using iPython notebooks.

For more information see, DeCART Data Science for the Health Science Summer Program, University of Utah

AHIMA Conference (Sept. 26-30)

The 2015 AHIMA Conference will be held in New Orleans on September 26-30. This years theme is  “HIM Without Walls,”  and will explore the role health information plays in healthcare today and how professionals across the healthcare eco-system use and share this information.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Post ICD-10 Implementation
  • Information Governance
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Data Analytics
  • EHRs
  • RAC Audits
  • Informatics
  • Interoperability
  • Physician Practice.

To find out more information about the conference please clickConference Details

21st Annual NCHICA Conference (Sept. 13-16)

Transforming Healthcare from Volume to Value

The conference provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments and best practices in healthcare IT. The theme of this year’s conference is Transforming Healthcare from Volume to Value, and the agenda is packed with 2 plenary sessions, 2 interactive sessions, and 21 breakout sessions on connected health, population health and technology topics. Special events include the Golf Tournament and Welcome Dinner on Sunday, the Health IT Transformation Awards Luncheon on Monday, a Dinner on the West Lawn on Monday, and a Security workshop on Wednesday.

More information about this event…

2014 Health Informatics Career & Internship Fair/Symposium

  • HP Events
When Oct 24, 2014

10:00 am

04:00 pm
East Carolina University – Greenville, NC

The Duke Center for Health Informatics (DCHI), along with East Carolina University, North Carolina Central University, University of North Carolina, and University of North Carolina-Charlotte, is sponsoring the 2014 Health Informatics Career & Internship Fair/Symposium. The day-long event will be held on Friday, October 24, 2014 at the East Carolina University campus in Greenville.

The program includes panel discussions geared toward specific groups (educational institutions, employers, and students), as well as opportunities for interaction and one-on-one discussion with health informatics industry representatives. To learn more and register for the event, please visit the Career Fair’s website.

2014 Health Informatics Career & Internship Fair/Symposium

REDCap Survey First Tuesdays



The Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) is happy to announce the launch of REDCap Survey Tuesdays. On the first Tuesday of each month, a DOCR RMT member is available to provide guidance with REDCap Survey issues. This is an informal roundtable format in which users can ask general or specific questions concerning existing or potential projects, including demonstrations if requested.

Meetings take place at DOCR (Hock Plaza, 9th Floor, Conference Room 9047) from 11:00am-12:00pm. For additional information, contact REDCap Support.

Hammond Speaks at Georgia Tech Healthcare Transformation Workshop

W. Ed Hammond, PhD, was invited to speak at Georgia Tech’s inaugural Healthcare Transformation Workshop March 4-5, 2014. His presentation was titled “Developing and Implementing Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Delivery.”

The invitation-only event featured key thought leaders from nationally recognized, leading-edge health organizations and academic medical centers including Vanderbilt University, Emory University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Georgia Regents University. Attendees explored novel analytic and computational approaches to healthcare delivery and discussed further potential for the development and application of these emerging technologies. The session’s topics included Challenges and Opportunities for (Systemic) Transformation, Clinical Decision Support for Providers, Empowering Patients, and Streamlining Care Delivery Processes.


Healthcare System Research Collaboratory-Coordinating Center – Rethinking Clinical Trials


by Asba Tasneem

The Collaboratory Coordinating Center (CC), intended to improve the way clinical trials are conducted by creating a new infrastructure for collaborative research, is working towards its ultimate goal of ensuring physicians and patients are able to make decisions based on the best available clinical evidence. Collaboratory CC has been working with demonstration projects to create a durable infrastructure that facilitates multicenter studies and reuse of data, creating best practices, tools, and knowledge that will ultimately impact policy and practice.

The Collaboratory website features a Knowledge Repository (KR), an expertly curated body of resources and publications selected and/or produced by Collaboratory stakeholders. The KR will be complemented by Re-thinking Clinical Trials, a “living” textbook of pragmatic clinical trials that combines the authoritative qualities of a trusted publication with the flexibility of a controlled “Wiki” environment that allows content to be constantly refined by authorized individuals. To accelerate the conduct of EHR-based PCTs, the KR will promote harmonization and standardization of data elements that are used to describe a particular study population.

This effort is led by Robert Califf, MD. Collaborating members of this project team include principal investigators from several therapeutic areas and staff members from DCRI-CRI, DCTI-IT, DCRI-Communications, and CTTI.



by Swati Chakraborty

Duke is participating in a study planning phase funded by an NIH Phased Innovation Award for the NIH Common Fund Effort for the Health Care System Research Collaboratory. The study, Night-time Dosing of Anti-hypertensive Medications: A Pragmatic Clinical Trial, will compare the likelihood of major cardiovascular (CV) events between the intervention group taking night-time doses of one or more anti-hypertensive medications and control group taking morning doses of all ant-ihypertensive medications The study’s planning phase to design the randomized open-label pragmatic trial is a UH2 demonstration project.

The primary holder of the UH2 is the University of Iowa, under the direction of the Principal Investigator, Dr. Gary Rosenthal. The Duke team includes Eric Eisenstein, DBD, Bimal Shah, PhD, Swati Chakraborty, and Linda Shaw. The team is assisting in study design, workflow planning, protocol development, and cohort identification. The Duke Databank for Cardiovascular Disease (DDCD) is being used to estimate outcome event rates; the Decision Support Repository (DSR) is the primary source of

Grand Rounds on the study were presented on August 2, 2013. To view the Grand Rounds, go to: https://www.nihcollaboratory.org/Pages/Grand-Rounds-08-02-13.aspx.