Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group (ARLG)



by Carol Bova Hill

The DCRI Clinical Research Informatics (CRI) group is supporting both the SDMC and the Laboratory Center on key operational objectives. The current activities include providing direction and resources for the establishment and harmonization of study data (and working practices) for the network within the SDMC. The SDMC is looking to streamline the collection and cross-study analysis for studies across the network through the use of data standards. For the Laboratory Center, effort has begun to create a system to catalogue valuable bacterial isolates from participating scientific groups (e.g., the ARLG Virtual Biorepository) that are approved for research purposes. An initial study looking at resistance genotyping using isolates has completed and will continue with additional phases as part of the Diagnositics and Devices efforts. Bacterial isolates collected from ARLG studies will also become part of a working repository for discovery, with the potential to become part of the Virtual Biorepository (upon publication and validation of value for the community). Carol Bova Hill and Anne Heath from CRI are providing the informatics support.