American Society of Nuclear Cardiology Outcomes Registry Project



by Cindy Kluchar

The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) is sponsoring the development of a new nuclear cardiology imaging data registry.  The registry, called ImageGuide, is being developed in collaboration with ASNC leadership and Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI). The registry, which will be managed by DCRI Outcomes under the guidance of Pamela Douglas, MD (PI) and Barbara Lytle (PL), will provide specific information about nuclear cardiology imaging, such as timeliness of reporting and radiation safety.

To collect data from healthcare sites across the U.S., the HL7 Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) will be used as the form and format for the registry’s data submissions. Since this is a method for data exchange and the first DCRI registry using HL7 standards for data submission directly from a clinical system, Ed Hammond, PhD and HL7 consultant Mead Walker have provided training and insight on implementing a CDA solution to the technical work team. The DCRI Clinical Research Informatics team of Cindy Kluchar and Mary Williams is leading the overall design for this project.

The CDA schema and Implementation Guide that will eventually be used by vendors of imaging software are currently in development. Phase One of the project is expected to go live early in 2014 across multiple healthcare facilities.