Informatics ResearchSeminar: Mobile Health Interoperability

April 2 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Speaker: Christopher Doss, PhD

Presented from Duke University

Broadcast Link: Seminar

Mobile Health Interoperability


The proliferation of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, combined with wireless medical devices, presents an opportunity to have patients more engaged in their healthcare. Mobile applications allow patients to view their blood pressure, glucose, and other measurements in real-time, even on a daily basis. However, the data collected from these devices comes in a variety of data formats. The lack of interoperability causes a barrier to the healthcare provider. This presentation discusses the benefits of interoperability and efforts under way to achieve interoperability in mobile health.


Christopher Doss, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and the Director of NC A&T’s Mobile Health Interoperability Lab. His research focuses on enabling cross-platform integration of mobile health informatics. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of South Florida. He earned his Master’s and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University.