Duke @ AMIA Joint Summit on Translational Science 2012

March 19-23, 2012
Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA

Capturing Descriptions of Human Studies for Federated Data Sharing: Frontline Experiences from Three Institutions (panel) (Chakraborty – abstract and slides)

I. Sim, S. Chakraborty, H. Lehmann, S. Mollah

CTSA Omics Data Standards Affinity Group (poster)
D. Handler, A Lynn, CTSA Omics Data Standards Affinity Group; J. Tenenbaum

Information Quality in Healthcare:  Where to Start?
M. Nahm and E. Hammond

Innovative Approaches to Clinical Research: The Need to Accelerate the Development of the US Version of the Learning Health System or Superstar Status for Informaticians with Social Skills and Lifetime Employment even without Social Skills (Keynote Presentation)
Robert M. Califf

(tutorial overview)
I. Sarkar and J. Tenenbaum

NCATS (Panel)
J. Tenenbaum (moderator)

Representing Multiple Standards in a Single DAM: Use of Atomic Classes  
S Mungal, M. Walker, D. Kong, Rebecca Wilgus, D. Pinchotti, J. Tcheng, W. Barry, B. McCourt

RProteomics on the Cancer Bioinformatics Grid (caBIG®) 
W. Barry, P. McConnell, W. Chen, R. Annechiarico, and S. Mungal

Specification of a Cardiovascular Metadata Model:  A Consensus Standard (poster)
R. Wilgus, D Pinchotti, S Mungal, D Kong, J Tcheng, B McCourt

Standardizing Clinical Data Elements to Support Regulatory Review of Marketed Therapeutics (slides)
R. Richesson , W. E. Hammond, B. Kisler, M. Nahm

The MURDOCK Study:  A Framingham for the Genomic Era (article)
J. Tenenbaum, V. Christian, M. Cornish, R. Dolor, A. Dunham, G. Ginsburg, V. Kraus, J. McCarthy, J. McHutchison, M. Nahm, K. Newby, L. Svetkey, K. Udayakumar, R. Califf,