Inofrmatics Research Seminar: Bioinformatics: Translational Systems Science Center for Disparate Cancer Research (TSSCDCR)

 October 15 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm


Speaker: ClarLynda Williams-Devane, PhD
Presented from NCCU

Broadcast Link: Seminar



Several recent advances in cancer health disparities (CHD), specifically in breast cancers, are attributable to the creation of genetically engineered murine models (GEMM) for human tumors; the increase in availability and affordability of high-throughput genomic/genetic tools; and the advancement of bioinformatics approaches. Currently, CHD research is hindered by the lack of sufficient data management systems to efficiently store data from GEMM. CHD research is distinct from other areas of cancer research in that demographic data are instrumental to mechanistic studies as well as therapy development. Therefore, multiple domains of clinical and demographic data must be integrated in data analysis approaches and stored as such. Commercial applications have been developed that partially meet the needs of GEMM CHD research, primarily due to their development approach. The development of a functional data management system prototype, the Translational Systems Science Center for Disparate Cancer Research (TSSCDCR), is based on a multiple-phase data management system development paradigm. The TSSCDCR will aid cancer research by increasing the quality of GEMM data through better management; creating the ability to apply systems approaches to cancer health disparity data results; and increasing the speed of treatment discovery through the potential for statistical meta-analysis.


ClarLynda Williams-DeVane, PhD is currently funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to develop the TSSCDCR system in collaboration with the Mouse Phase 1 Unit at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Institute at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.