Informatics Research Seminar – Stress Induced Neurospatial Activation Patterns

January 22 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Speaker: Vincent N. Carrasco, MD, CCIS
Presented from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Broadcast Link: Seminar

Introduction to NeuroIS: Neuronal Activation Patterns associated with Information Retrieval


Understanding information-seeking behavior facilitates human knowledge acquisition. Information scientists continue to study information seeking in an attempt to discern the cognitive components of this complex dynamic process. Nevertheless, our findings remain subjective, based on observation of users and linguistic tools that estimate judgment. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), a well-studied non-invasive tool, is capable of localizing neuronal activation associated with complex cognitive activities in humans. These studies may ultimately enable the development of improved user interfaces, software imbedded tools for early diagnosis of cognitive disorders and powerful new usability tools.


Dr. Vincent Carrasco’s 30 years as a neurotologic surgeon, educator, neuroscientist, and entrepreneur represent a highly diversified health care career. As a tenured academician, he innovated in neuroscience, medical device technology, neuroimaging, and computerized surgical planning tools. His decade within the private sector focused on entrepreneurship 802.11, satellite, health data management and real time location systems.