Duke @ AMIA 2014

November 15-19, 2014 | Washington Hilton, Washington, DC


BCMA Use in the Psychiatric Population: Challenges in the Inpatient Setting (poster)Kandace M. Whiting, Linda Harrington, Pat Matos, Constance M. Johnson

Coverage of Rare Disease Names in Standard Terminologies and Implications for Patients, Providers, and Research (slides)Kin Wah Fung, Rachel Richesson, Olivier Bodenreider

Demonstration of Temporal Visualization of Diabetes Mellitus via Hemoglobin A1c Levels (slides)Hina Shah, David Borland, Genie McPeek Hinz, Vivian West, Ed Hammond

Developing Clinical Decision Support for Direct Use by Patients: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Symptom Management in Cancer Patients (poster) (abstract)David F. Lobach, Janet L. Abrahm, Donna L. Berry, Michael S. Rabin, Ilana Brown, Manan Nayak, Mary E. Cooley

Exploring Novel Visualizations of Survey Data From Users of Electronic Health Records (slides)Meghana Ganapathiraju, David Borland, Vivian L. West, William E. Hammond

From Sentences to Sense-Making, From Utterances to Clinical Understanding, From Narratives to Structured Data: A Tutorial on Qualitative Data Coding Concepts, Methods and Tools (tutorial)Martha B. Adams, Bonnie Kaplan, Ross Koppel, Craig Kuziemsky, Kourosh Ravvaz

HIT Standards: A Year of Change, Innovation, and Challenge (slides)William E. Hammond, Stanley M. Huff, Douglas B. Fridsma, Christopher G. Chute, Steve Posnack, Charles Jaffe

Multivariate Visualization of System-Wide National Health Service Data Using Radial Coordinates (abstract)David Borland, Vivian West, Ed Hammond

Temporal Visualization of Diabetes Mellitus via Hemoglobin A1c Levels (slides)Genie McPeek Hinz, David Borland, Hina Shah, Vivian West, Ed Hammond

The Challenges of Disparate Data Formats: Analysis and Visualization in the SLIDES Project (poster)Ang Li, Steven Chall, Sherry Wenshun Liu, Allison Vorderstrasse, Constance M. Johnson

Towards Developing an Undergraduate Interprofessional Biomedical Informatics Course (panel abstract)Saif Khairat, Martha B. Adams, Glynda Doyle, Elaine Ayres, Tiffany F. Kelley